Welcome to Holy Trinity Church

A special welcome if you are on holiday in the area and are thinking of worshipping with us, we start at 10:45am Sundays and we aim to be suitable for all ages, including crèche facilities.
St Mary’s Cromford have an early 9:30am service though there is no specific provision for children or youth. However on the second Sunday in August St Mary’s congregation meet with the Methodist at their Chapel, Water Lane Cromford at 10:30am.

Recently  a few of  our visitors are house hunting for either retirement or because of a new job locally. We pray that you would have doors opened and closed, and that you find both a new home and a new church. If you’d like us to pray with or for you please let us know.

Through this site our hope is that you might gain a flavour of the life of the church and a sense of the warmth of God’s love that has changed so many lives. Whatever your reason for visiting, more than anything else we want you to know about the life that can be found in Jesus Christ and how much of a difference this has made to us.

By putting our trust in Jesus Christ we know the reality of God’s life and love poured into our hearts. This has changed us as people and continues to do so. We are very ordinary people, not at all special and so we know that what we have received is not something we have deserved, or in any way earned, but is given freely.
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We want you to know about the power of God’s love through Jesus Christ, not because we want to make you like us, but because our experience of Christ is the greatest treasure we know. To keep this to ourselves, or allow such knowledge to be obscured by many other words which are of lesser importance, would be very wrong. So above all we trust that this site accurately reflects our lives together and bears witness to the wonderful gift of lives made new in Christ.

In this millennium we have agreed that our desire is:-

  • to be a growing and hospitable church, committed to the re-evangelisation of this area, progressive, prayerful and scriptural.
  • to be a church engaged with and serving the wider community, distinctively devoted to God and known for being joyful, generous and compassionate.

We seek to pursue excellence in evangelism, worship, discipleship, service and fellowship.
We would be delighted to hear from you, if you think we may be able to serve you in some way.

Home Groups
A number of small groups meet regularly in different parts of the area covered by our membership, and provide fellowship, mutual support and pastoral care, with time to study and pray together. We are gradually establishing intermediate sized groups, or Pastorates, consisting of two or three small groups, together with others who may have recently completed the Alpha course, or joined the church. These Pastorates provide a good way of getting to know more people, growing in faith, and becoming involved in the life of the church. Currently two such groups meet on alternate Tuesday evenings in church.
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Over the last few years our focus on prayer has increased, with weekly hour of prayer in church on Monday mornings at 9 am, and a two-hour session of early morning prayer on Tuesday mornings from 6 am to 8 am. Here folk can come and go as they please (and the kettle is put on for a cuppa at 7). A pre-service group also meets for prayer on Sunday mornings at 10 am in the upstairs room.Further, occasional evenings of prayer for the whole church, prayer groups for our mission links, and some prayer triplets as well as prayer together in home groups and church services.Other small groups are the music group (weekly), the See & Know group (every Tuesday morning for mothers and toddlers, with a creche provided) and dance and drama groups (from time to time).For young people there are Sunday morning teaching groups for different ages, and a crèche for the under three’s. On Sunday evenings at 7 pm, the WAG group for the 14+ age group meets in the church upper room for discussion, teaching, fun and fellowship, The group band (playing modern instruments) also frequently rehearses at the same time.

Nick Grayshon is vicar of the United Benefice of Holy Trinity and St Mary’s Cromford. Nick was ordained in 1983 and was curate of St Paul’s Walkden Moor for three and a half years before becoming vicar of St Andrew’s Radcliffe, both in the Manchester Diocese. Bishop Humphrey licensed Nick as priest in charge on 6 October 2007 and he was made vicar in 2010. Nick has been married to Val for over 40 years and they have three happily married children and six grandchildren in Sheffield, Brighton and Bristol.

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) Our PCC has, in addition to the ex officio members, nine elected members who serve in rotation for three years.
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Each year in May we hold a PCC ‘Away Day’.
The PCC lead by example and spend at least part of each of their meetings in prayer.
PCC members are always available and church members are actively encouraged to share with them. PCC agendas and minutes are displayed in Trinity Hall.

Matlock Bath is made up of three major communities, residents, traders and tourists. Holy Trinity church is the only centre for worship in Matlock Bath village. Over the years lots of prayer and a variety of outreach events have taken place to reach members of the Parish. The Church building was partly re-ordered in 2012 and has a new kitchen and toilets, and we have begun work on further re-ordering. Community use of the building is increasing being hired by DaleDiva and the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music. Holy Trinity School also come to the church building for festival concerts, School Leavers Service and as part of the RE curriculum.
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Holy Trinity church is the only center for worship in Matlock Bath village, but has strong links with both churches in Cromford, and also with other churches in Matlock.
We are working and praying towards changes in our buildings and attitudes which will make us more user-friendly and more available to the community at large.
Being in a much visited area of Derbyshire, we welcome many holiday makers and other visitors to our services, particularly during the summer months and trust they are refreshed and encouraged by their times with us. We are continuing to focus our efforts on running regular Alpha courses and rejoice at the growth and development we are seeing. (see below)Looking further afield, we have long-standing links with the South American Mission Society, with the Church Mission Society, Interserve, Tear fund, and the Church Pastoral Aid Society, and have had personal links with partners in some of these over the years.
Youth Work
Our curate, Dave Battison, regularly takes assemblies in local schools, as does our Vicar, and also helps in the running of out of school Christian clubs in two schools. Many of our young people take part in ‘Soul Survivor’ gatherings each summer, and are encouraged to engage in short term mission where possible, either in this country or overseas.
Ecumenical Links
Matlock Town CenterMatlock Town Center
2007 saw the start of all the churches in Matlock joining together for a mission to the whole of the Matlock area. This ‘Churches Together’ initiative has been very successful, enabling many useful and exciting events to take place.

An Alpha course is a ten-week course providing a basic introduction to the Christian faith.
The course with ‘no strings’ attached is led by Keven Nutt
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Here in Matlock Bath we now run our Alpha courses every year, usually on Thursday evenings from 7.30 pm to 9,30 pm, in an informal café-style setting. We start with light refreshments and a chance to chat together; after the introduction we watch a large screen presentation on subjects such as ‘Who is Jesus?’, Why did he die?’, ‘Why and how do I pray?’. An open discussion over coffee then follows on each small table. We offer a warm welcome to anyone who is interested and would like to join in our next course. (See the Alpha page of this site for more information)

The course runs on consecutive Thursdays There will be Alpha invitations, etc in the church.
Please consider inviting guests, and prayers for this group,
For further info see here ALPHA
Contact us on 07764 540943 or email Keven or the Church office.

Important Notes for Our Visitors:
We especially welcome you to Church if you are  visiting Thank you for joining us.
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Please take our greetings back to your church. We pray that you will be blessed and encouraged by your worship with us today. If you live locally and would like to know more about us – please ask anyone present for more details and feel invited to join us again. If you intend to come regularly, please fill in one of our Welcome Cards which will help us to get to know you.

Holy Communion:
Should you require non-alcoholic juice, please pick up a RED card from the front-left pew and show it to the Communion administrators. The smaller chalice will contain non-alcoholic juice. Should you require wheat and gluten free wafers, please take a YELLOW card. We welcome all to the Lord’s Table who are in fellowship in their own church, and who know and love the Lord Jesus.

Some Helpful Information:
A loop system is installed in church. Some of our sermons can be downloaded from our website or simply listened to then and there. There is a Crèche Room at the back of church. As yet we don’t have Children or Youth church at St Mary’s, however we do at Holy Trinity where young visitors are welcome to join our Young People as they leave for their children/youth church. At Holy Trinity, we do not take a collection, but should you wish to give, there are boxes at the sides of the doors into the body of the Church. A Collection is taken during a hymn at St Mary’s.

  • Ministers: Everyone
  • HT Church Warden: Mike Pilling
  • St Mary’s Church Warden: Tom Bradley
  • Vicar: Nick Grayshon   Tel: 01629 583924
  • Web: HT www.holytrinitymatlockbath.org.uk
  • Web St Mary’s  www.st-marys-cromford.co.uk
  • Email for both churches: holytrinitymatlockbath@hotmail.com

Car Parking at Holy Trinity Church for Sunday Services
If you park in the Pay & Display car park because the Church car park is full, you must put a parking fee ticket on your car for the required time, presently £2.20. Someone has recently received a car parking fine as they didn’t have a ticket. Alternative free parking is by the New Bath Hotel, turning immediate right before it onto common land. It’s an easy walk to church from there..WP (weather permitting)!

Sainsbury`s Vouchers for Active Kids 2015
Please put vouchers in the box on the table at the back of HT Church.

Holy Trinity now has a Wi-Fi connection.
Should you wish to use it please ask Caroline in the Church Office for the Password.
Please do not give it to anyone outside the congregation.
Our thanks to Allen for his work on this and the HT website.