A Walking Prayer

from Retreat news, Anglican Diocese of Cyprus & the Gulf

 Praying with your boots on, could be a challenge for you this Lent.

 Walking provides time for you to talk with God, to become more aware of God’s creation, to see God in your urban sprawl, your desert, or your rural location, to listen to him, to reflect on what’s going on in your life.

Intentional walking enables you to see God in places where you may have missed him.

 Let your ‘boots’ lead you to:

  • – a stopping place where you can sit and watch and listen
  • – a crowded place    
  • – a view of the sky
  • – a public building
  • – a patch of desert
  • – a residential area
  • – a view of the sea
  • – a shopping mall
  • – a quiet village
  • – a car park

 What and who do you notice?

  • How can you be aware of God in what you see or smell or touch or hear or taste along the way?
  • Is there anything that makes you say ‘wow’ and could lead you to worship God?
  • Do you notice anything that stirs your heart and leads you to intercession?
  • Does anything along the journey remind you of Jesus’ walk as you head towards Easter?