Advent Quiet Day 2015

Saturday 28th November             11am – 3pm        St Mary’s Church Cromford

TIME: Harvest weekend

Some of us went down to ‘connect’ with the public this year, offering free fruit and freshly baked bread cobs to share our thankfulness to God for all His gifts.
This was an opportunity to witness as local church family and to seek out responsive people to share our faith with.
It was received with variable success but where we did manage to strike up conversations, they were usually positive and some folk even accepted the offer of being prayed for.
Continuing on from our themed sermon series of Luke  and Acts Streets and ‘Following and Fishing’ Training, we have been encouraged to go back to basics and do what Jesus did with greater intentionality.
I am not a natural evangelist but I do care deeply about people and want the best for their lives.
What is the best?
I believe it’s to have found a living relationship with Jesus!
It’s been interesting to read about and see how Steve Addison’s model can be put into practice. ( Do you remember the diagram on August’s front page? – See-Connect-Share-Train-Gather-Multiply )
It has made me think how I can discern Gods outworking amongst his     people more clearly on a daily basis and the part he asks me to play in     making Jesus known.
Steve says:
“Whenever Christianity puts it’s feet up and settles down, somewhere, out there on the fringe, God does something new.”(p199 ‘What Jesus started.’)
Perhaps we are being challenged to question if our churches are fit for   purpose. Have we become too comfortable?
I certainly have done a personal spiritual ‘stock take’ as a result of what we’ve shared.
As we move towards Advent and think of Peace and Justice being ushered in through Christ’s coming, let’s make a concerted effort to really work   towards,

‘Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven’

and show people who the King is!                                              Pauline