Allen’s Accident

The beginning of June 2015 I had a nasty accident when a screw went through the sole of my shoe and into my foot
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I had to have my foot amputated removing all my toes on the right foot
I recovered In Royal Derby Hospital  I had several welcomed visits from the church members and I am sure the combined prayers speeded up the healing process with minimal pain. I sent daily updates on my progress to Nick who kept you all informed.

After nearly 4 weeks in hospital I have been discharged to continue the healing process from home with the help of our lord

i would personally like to thank you all for your continued support and prayers which I am sure is helping the healing process and minimise the pain.

I extend my prayers to all in need and suffering and wish you all a speedy relief.

God Bless


Four Weeks since my discharge from the hospital, with daily dressing changes by the district nurses. Hospital check up shows no sign of infection and a 30% growth in the tissue around the wound. Had a new shoe made because the old one was loose fitting.

Tuesday 4th August. Royal Derby Hospital visit to see the surgeon and he is happy with the healing process and discharges me from his care to be continued at the Diabetic Foot Clinic every two weeks.

Sunday 31 July I developed an infection in my right leg which was cellulitis with a swollen painful knee joint. I had 2 weeks hospital treatment with intravenous antibiotic drips, I have been discharged from hospital on aural medication and although the pain is still severe it appears to be subsiding.

After six weeks I am thankful that the pain has almost gone and I can get back to a settled life with the hope that my foot will continue to heal over and generate new skin. This is expected to take at least six months.

Latest 18 October 2015
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My Mobility Scooter developed a puncture and was immobilized at church. I was decided it would be best to seek sanctuary for the scooter in Holy Trinity Church until the puncture could be fixed.
My lovely faithful Polish wife Irena was only too willing to assist me with this.
Irena is always there for me whatever the outcome, God Bless Her

June 1st 2016 1 year after my accident

The doctor at the hospital tells me I am now OK to drive but only for short distances
I have purchased a Renault Kangoo with wheelchair access ramp and expect delivery later today