Alpha Week 7

Watch the Alpha TV Live Broadcasts and The Archives

Alpha Weeks 1 - 10

Technical Bits to watch the Video Streams

Make sure you have an internet connection that can stream HD (720p) video.

More Techincal Information

In order for the live video to play without continually buffering or breaking up, you need to have a fast enough internet connection. Our live stream uses high definition (720p) video. Typically this would require a minimum average download speed of 5Mbps to work effectively. You can check your current connection speed by doing an online speed test at and clicking on Begin Test.
Use a hardwired internet connection.

Remember that your internet speed is measured at the device. Connecting to your network wirelessly can often be slower than hardwiring to the router from your computer using an Ethernet cable. Note that the connection speed can drop if the Wi-Fi standard is not fast enough.
Be the sole users of your network bandwidth.
Make sure there is no-one else using the internet (e.g. browsing, streaming, downloading) on your network at the time of streaming and close down any open tabs in your internet browser. If you’re streaming in a public building, you may wish to disable the public Wi-Fi and create a separate SSID, unknown to other users, in order to maintain your optimum speed.
For more details, see our support & faq section below. For more information on watching YouTube live events, visit

Still can’t watch the YouTube streams on your device? Contact: Flash! by email or after the Sunday service in Trinity Hall and he will be happy to help you.

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