Children’s Church Help Requested

Your help is requested by Sue Crabb

The Dates are listed below when we need ACTUAL ACTIVE help….

And we do appreciate many people do lots of jobs at HTMB already

Young People

Friday 24th June… 

Plans for this session now include a possible BBQ.

We will need a chef and two staffing members; one to provide refreshments and one ingredients for the food. Both Milena and Sue are on holiday.

Friday 8th July

We have a speaker but need an extra staffing member.

Children’s Church and Activities
JUDY is providing two sessions every month and needs someone to prepare at least one session per month.

Sunday 19th June and Sunday 17th July 
We need someone to organise and prepare children’s activities in the service. Sue can help give suggestions for activities etc. but will be on holiday herself on both dates.

The Main Summer holidays
We need people on a rota to organise possibly four or five weeks of activities in the service with Sue.

If YOU can help at all then please let Sue (56803) or Judy (584134) know.

Our “Thanks” go to Sheila, Maria and Lindsay for their kind offers. 

Anyone who works with our youth or children needs to have a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check re their suitability. These are now done online by the diocese. If your current certificate is more than five years old then you need to apply for a new certificate. Please speak to Sheila Laming if this applies to you and she will start the process for you.