MAY 14th to 20th.

I would like to appeal to all church members in the United Benefice to consider joining our team of collectors this year. Historically, we divided the village into 11 streets/areas for collection. With the decline in numbers of our team, I reduced this to 9 areas just 2 years ago. Two of our team (Nick/Val and myself) already do two areas each and have done for some years. This means that we had 7 named helpers last year.

Two of our regulars have stood down for 2017 for personal reasons and one who was not with us last year has retired from the work altogether. So, we are down to 5 collectors with the whole of the village to do. It would be really good if one or two more fellowship members were able to help out to make the task more manageable. Please let me know if you might be able to offer. Each year the village collection raises between £600 and £750 for Christian Aid, towards a general total of about £10,000 for the Matlock area. It would be sad, if some areas of Matlock Bath were left untapped and our contribution dropped dramatically. However, the small number of collectors that we now have won’t have the capacity to cover the whole village.

Hoping to hear from some willing “joiners.”
Best wishes, John.