Church Army

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Our purpose
The mission community exists to encourage, resource and enable you to share your faith with others through words and action.
Our vision
The mission community is a movement of Christians across the United Kingdom and Ireland who are passionate about the Good News of Jesus Christ and who want to share it with their family, friends, neighbours,  colleagues and with those in need in their communities.
The mission community is a place where you can be encouraged, resourced and gather together with other Christians who are committed to evangelism.
Our values
⦁    to follow Jesus wholeheartedly
⦁    a passion to see people come into a living relationship with Jesus
⦁    a heart for those in need and living in poverty
⦁    a pioneering spirit willing to push the boundaries so that others might come to know Jesus
⦁    a love and commitment to the local church
Our journey
Wilson Carlile founded Church Army in 1882 as a society of evangelists trained to encourage and enable ordinary Christian people to share their faith through words and action.

In the 21st century the need to witness is no less and therefore in 2012, Church Army became a mission community approved by the Church of  England and endorsed by the other Anglican Provinces in the United Kingdom and Ireland to extend the vision Wilson Carlile had to encourage, enable and support others in evangelism.

We hope that through this extended network of mission-minded people, communities will be transformed and evangelism resourced.

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