Church on the Bus

Support urgently needed

Church on the Bus has been operating in North East Derbyshire successfully for 12 years and has served over 40,000 meals in that time. It provides food, warm drinks and soup, as well as clothing, sleeping bags, blankets etc and conversation to help the homeless and vulnerable rekindle their self-respect and regain a sense of being part of society. All the work is done by volunteers and this is now being affected by a serious funding crisis due to the withdrawal of a large part of their financial support They are seeking regular donations by standing order of £5 or £10 per month (or any regular sum that you can afford) to allow this fantastic project to continue. If you are able to help by making a regular donation then please contact John Phillips on 01629 582978 or email to:

  1. The Church Army, who paid the salary for Captain Alan Park to run “Church on the Bus,” has decided that the project leader should be 50% self-financing. This means that, in addition to raising funds to cover the vehicles and general resources for the activities of the bus in Chesterfield and Matlock, the project will be looking to raise £20,000 towards the salary of the leader. The project’s committee will be asking individuals, churches and other organisations who have previously supported “Church on the Bus” to consider making regular donations to make this possible.cotb
  2. DARLEY DALE. Many Christians who live or worship in Darley Dale have been praying for some time for a place for people to meet regularly. Recently, they came together on the Church on the Bus and it was felt strongly that the bus could provide the venue for this new venture. It would be parked once a week in the residential part of Darley Dale and be a meeting place, perhaps attracting those who live alone and single parents with their children. Much more planning is still to be done but please pray for this exciting new possibility.
  3. Please pray for the many users of Church on the Bus, who are struggling to make ends meet and to feed themselves and their families, plus some who are on the brink of homelessness and find life very tough.

For information about any of the above please contact John Phillips on 582978.

A big THANK YOU from Church on the Bus for the overwhelming response for food donations received from the Harvest Festival for Church on the Bus, thank you again.