Crèche, Children’s and Youth work 2015/16


Sue (Crabb) writes: After a happy year for our young people on Friday evenings (around 12 -14 in number) and lots of Sundays mornings with varying numbers of children & young people, 2016 brings a few new challenges. We give thanks to everyone who regularly commits to help out with children’s & youth church.

Last weekend, Richard Maltby pointed us all to hunting for treasure, with of course the enthusiastic help of the children in the congregation. Perhaps those working with the younger part of the church could point everyone towards hunting for the treasure of youngsters finding faith for themselves.

Just to put you in the picture at the moment…..

On Sundays we have several groups..

Tony, Hilary and Clare take turns to run the young people’s group

Judy does Children’s Church on two Sundays each month for primary children and I run Children’s Activities in the service on one Sunday morning for any   primary children attending, with Margaret Wildgoose if the numbers are large.

Nan, Sue, Lindsay & Val run a crèche if needed, for the youngest amongst us.

Flag and banner helpers encourage Sylvie, Willow and Keira

On Friday evenings we have a group for young people of 12 years onwards.

Birgit, Sue, Milena (and formerly Jon) run Bible studies, music, games and refreshments with occasional visits to other groups.

Tuesday mornings Nick takes Collective Worship in Cromford and Holy Trinity schools, as well as the special services for Harvest, Christmas, Easter and for the School Leavers. He also visits both schools at other times. Nick and Tony are Foundation Governors at Holy Trinity, and Nick with Julie Taylor, from Cromford Methodists, and ? are Foundation Governors at Cromford School.

As Jon Cooper has moved to another job, we have an obvious lack of personnel

– on Sunday mornings, help is needed to share the teaching (Judy would prefer to do an average of once a month) and cover for holidays

 – on Friday evenings, we need help with staffing when any of the three helpers have family or holiday commitments.

We do have grant money which can hopefully be used to invite in speakers from outside on Fridays. Please search your hearts to see what help you could offer. This need not necessarily be a weekly commitment but could form part of a rota of helpers or people who could be called in emergencies.

Please contact Nick, Sue or Judy if you could help in any way.

Judy writes:

Sue Crabb, Nick and I met before Christmas and Nick asked me to convey his thanks to all involved for their work with the children and young people.

We agreed the following programme until Easter:

  • Feb.     7th    AAW
  •              14th   Ch Ch                           Judy     God is forgotten 2 Kings 21;1-18
  •              21st    activities         Sue
  •              28th Ch Ch Judy God is remembered 2 Kings 23;1-23
  • Mar.    6th AAW
  •             13th Ch Ch Judy
  •              20th activities Sue

It was agreed that Trinity Hall would continue to be used for the primary school children. Sylvie & Keira are ready to have structured teaching but this will be done in the crèche room, as if other children are in crèche there is usually another adult with them. On activity Sundays Sylvie & Keira like to be involved with these in church for at least part of the time but Sue may need extra help.
We wondered if the activity / art corner of the transept could be improved if the remembrance board and book were moved into the chancel?
I have agreed to take the primary children twice a month until Easter. It would be good if there was another volunteer to help after that.
Let us continue to pray for the children we have, that they will come to faith and grow in faith, and that others will join them.