Dream the Dream


The story behind the headlines

Derby Diocese has a vision – Our Vision – to see Christ’s presence in every community, to see a church that is outward facing, growing, healthy and learning.

From this start point grew the all age worship service with the theme

Dream the Dream

In Christ we have a mission to:

  • Witness to the kingdom
  • Honour Jesus
  • Encourage people to become disciples in our time

Where do we start with our mission, where do we start to bring about the diocese vision. We start with a dream.

  • Dare to dream of the church you want
  • Imagine it is possible,
  • Believe it can be achieved
  • Succeed together in the grace, love and strength of Christ.

And so we dreamed of what we would like to see headlined in our local paper. We dreamed of what we wanted the church to be doing, where we wanted the church to be present. We dreamed of outreach, of revival, of God’s love overflowing into the valleys. We dared to dream of the church we wanted.

Now starts the task of imagining it is possible, believing it can be achieved and together with Christ succeeding to realise our dreams.

Richard Maltby

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