Experience Easter

We were privileged to be allowed to teach & explore the Easter story with all the children in both Primary Schools in the two weeks leading up to Holy Week.

The experience was based outdoors using the school grounds & in the case of Holy Trinity School the church. We began our ‘Journey’ by walking into ‘Jerusalem’ waving our palms & singing our praises as we thought about the  expectations of the crowds who followed Jesus & our dreams for how people’s lives around the world could be different. We spent time in the ‘Upper Room’ considering the example Jesus set about caring for one another when he washed the disciples’ feet before we pretended to eat the last meal Jesus ate with his disciples & share in the bread & wine. Then we travelled to the quietness of the Garden of Gethsemane where the children were encouraged to ask God to give them the courage to stand up for what is right & what they believe in & to pray silently for people who face violence & an uncertain future. Next  we walked together to gather around the brazier in the courtyard with the crowds & to think about the wrong choices we all make, the hurtful words we say, the unkind things we do and, as we dropped a broken twig into the flames, to learn that God willingly forgives us if we tell Him the things we have done wrong. We moved on to stand quietly in front of three crosses & to think about the symbol of the cross reminding us that our God is a loving God who forgives everyone who is truly sorry. The children were encouraged to examine a variety of different shaped crosses from around the world & think about why the cross is such a significant symbol for Christians universally. Finally, we found ourselves, like His friends, outside the empty garden tomb where the whisper    ‘He’s alive’ rose to a crescendo to announce the fact that ‘Jesus was Risen’.

It was a super morning at each school, full of activity & with the children coming up with thoughtful, moving comments, questions & answers which showed their understanding of the Easter events.

There are some lovely photos of the event at Holy Trinity on the School website:

Our thanks to all who volunteered their help by presenting different parts of the story, providing resources or serving refreshments & to those who prayed. Both schools have thanked us for putting on the event & feel the children learned a lot from the experience; Holy Trinity School pupils made an Easter Garden in school & gave it to us as a church which was a lovely gesture & strengthens the links we have with our church schools.

What next?

Sheila & Pauline