Following and Fishing

with Andrew Astle
followingandfishing at Matlock Town Football Club,
Causeway Lane, Matlock, DE4 3AS
Saturday 26th September & Saturday 10th October
(9:30am – 1pm)

Jesus promised us that if we’ll follow him, he will teach us to fish for people.
Has anyone ever taught you:

  • How to connect with people?
  • How to share your story?
  • How to share God’s story, the gospel?
  • How to invite someone to read the Bible with you & discover Jesus for themselves?

That’s what you’ll learn in the Following and Fishing training for making disciples. We run this training in many different settings, and we hear stories of people coming to faith in Jesus and learning to follow him.

Following and Fishing equips people to make disciples among those who are far from God, using simple, reproducing methods. Those methods are based on best practice from disciple making and church planting movements around the world.

The learning environment combines skills training with real world experience.

  • Catching a vision for multiplying disciples.
  • Identifying and reaching your relational world/s.
  • Connecting with people far from God.
  • Sharing your story.
  • Sharing God’s story, the gospel.
  • Finding the people in whom God is already working.
  • Leading people to Jesus through Discovery Bible Study.
  • Training new disciples to follow & obey Christ through Discovery Bible Study.

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