Guardians of Ancora

Combining a high spec game with immersive Bible content


Guardians of Ancora is a world-class digital game – an amazing virtual world that 8 to 11 year-olds can enter, and a place where the Bible stories come alive.




The vision is that, by 2020, 20 million children worldwide will have daily opportunities to discover Jesus and engage with the Bible through Guardians of Ancora.


What does ‘Ancora’ mean?

The name comes from the Latin word ‘ancora’, meaning ‘anchor’. It is an ancient word, going back through Latin and Greek to the era of the Hittites! A secondary meaning for ‘ancora’ is ‘support’ or, sometimes, ‘hope’. The name brings these       positive qualities to the game and to the city of Ancora, where players are introduced to positive Biblical themes and values.

Are all the stories from the Bible?

The characters and life-and-times of the world of Ancora are not from the Bible. When the player accepts a quest to find a ‘lost story’ and bring it back, that story is authentically from the Bible.

Who decides which Bible stories are used?

A team of theologians and children’s ministry specialists has created a ‘Bible story arc’ of 30 or so individual stories, telling the big story of God’s encounters with his people, from Genesis to Revelation.

These stories will be made available to players as the app is updated over time. Each story will be recorded on a ‘Bible timeline’ within the app, so players can gain a sense of how the Bible fits together.

Can I be sure my child is going to get good Bible teaching from the app, as well as   having fun?

Guardians of Ancora has been designed as a fun, positive place-and-space where   children can explore their relationship with God and the Bible. The biblical material comes with Scripture Union’s 150 years of experience in helping children meet God and engage with the Bible in child-appropriate and child-friendly ways. The creative team behind Guardians of Ancora includes world-class games designers to ensure the game is enjoyable as well as highly-experienced Christian writers, theologians and practitioners.