Harvest 2015

 Harvest 2015 St. Mary’s & Holy Trinity    

To help understand Harvest this year, John MacArthur preaching on John 7 v 37 ff when Jesus attended the Feast of the tabernacles.

It is so important for God’s people today, for us, to understand our heritage in God. Firstly in relation to God’s calling of a people for Himself through Abraham in, for example, Genesis 12, and secondly the importance of Israel today. To help us with both we invited ‘Jews for Jesus’ to help us with our Easter celebrations last year. This happened with the visit of their representative Kata Tar who stayed with us for a few days and taught in church and both Cromford & Holy Trinity church schools. Kata was very good. She demonstrated a Passover (Seder) meal which we then did ourselves on Maundy Thursday evening.

This year to help understand our heritage in God further we have Kata returning to help us celebrate Harvest. As our Christian harvest celebration roots are in Judaism it’s good for us to learn and celebrate the festivals that God gave His ancient and precious people. In negotiation with Kata, in consultation with Cromford & Holy Trinity Church Schools, discussion at both PCCs and input from members of the congregation we have a programme for our Harvest weekend Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th October. There are some details to work out & final decisions to be made.

Harvest for the Schools  Friday 2nd Oct
9.00am Holy Trinity School Harvest in church
2.00pm Cromford School Harvest in school

Discussion has been held with both Head Teachers about Kata’s involvement, building Sukkot and the order of service.

Harvest at Masson House Friday 2nd Oct
Nick and Kata Tar will be present

Harvest for Youth                                Friday 2nd Oct
7.15pm Harvest for Youth
– build a sukkot or two for themselves & for Sunday. Dancing led by Kata. Good event for the youth to invite school friends to.

Harvest Witness                                  Saturday 3rd Oct Prayer & Harvest for tourists
9.00am – 12noon prayer in HT Church
1.00pm – 5.00pm witness in Matlock Bath village

The congregation have been asked to sign up for either or both. The prayer is for the witness. The idea is to give out/offer fruit &/or bread with a suitable tract headed ‘Wonderful Food Glorious God’. This may or may not lead to a general conversation or one about God. You could ask a simple question like do you believe in a creator, or do you believe in God? Would you say that you are close or far away from Him at the moment? You’d be surprised at the positive responses that you receive. Some folk won’t want to take anything from you or may take what’s offered but don’t want a conversation.

As we read in Scripture do witness in twos, it’s OK for one to do the talking and the other the praying.

Some bread & fruit will be supplied. The bread will be in bags & the fruit in boxes for people to take – thinking of health and safety. There’ll also be some small baskets to put the fruit in to offer round.

There are sign-up sheets for prayer and witness at the back of both churches.

Harvest in Church                               Sunday 4th Oct
10.45am joint service with St. Mary’s at HT church

Hopefully we will have a sukkot ready built by school and/or the youth, and perhaps we’ll build one on the day inside church. Please be generous with harvest gifts which will again be going to Church on the Bus to be given to local needs. They would like non-perishables, cereals, tea bags, coffee, cakes in packets and tins (beans, soup & fruit). Please make sure that the gifts are within their dates. It would also be helpful to have some Sainsbury’s tokens to give out to Parish needs.

The Harvest service will be followed by Harvest lunch. Sheila has suggested and is kindly bringing jacket potatoes, we are asked to bring fillings/salads/puddings. There’s sign-up sheets at the back of both churches.

Harvest for Residents                          Sunday 4th Oct
sukkot-inside[1]3.30pm at the Temple

After discussion with Mel at the Temple we’re having a Harvest celebration there for her regulars and others beginning 3.30pm (-ish). Mel will make her famous Scotch eggs which draw people in, we’d perhaps make a Sukkot or two, full size or table size. We’ll have fresh fruit and bread with tracts to give away and we may even do some dancing! Please pray especially for this as past Temple events have been on Saturday mornings and less overtly Christian.

Harvest information

The ‘Christ in the Harvest’ presentation focuses on the three main Jewish autumn festivals, which can be found in the Book of Leviticus in the Old Testament:

  • Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year/ Feast of Trumpets with the blowing of the Shofar)
  • Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)
  • Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles)

The missionary will give an interesting insight into these biblical feasts which are still celebrated today by Jewish people throughout the world; looking at them from a New Testament Perspective.