Holy Spirit Day

The “Holy Spirit Day” was organized by the Alpha Course on  Saturday 15 November 2014 at Holy Trinity Church in Trinity Hall


  • 9.30am   Introduction to the Holy Spirit Day
  • Break for tea and coffee
  • 10.45am  Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • Discussion
  • 12.30ish  Break for Lunch
  • 1.30pm  How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?
  • Break and Discussion
  • 2.30pm How can I resist Evil?
  • Discussion followed by prayer and music
  • Approximate finish 4pm

Message from our Alpha Coordinator Keven Nutt
I thought the Holy Spirit day was good day with three of our guest wanting prayer for Jesus to come into their lives. The atmosphere during the day was warm, caring & friendly (thank you Holy Spirit). I feel that this particular Alpha has been a blessing to actually help run & a big thank you to all who helped. It was great to see our guests becoming more relaxed & confident as we progressed through the sessions with them wanting to know & learn what Christianity is all about. I’m trying to encourage & explain why it’s important to carry on meeting after Alpha (home groups) & attending church regularly. In my own experience of running Alpha I find it often challenging but enjoyable & I feel responsible to make sure (as much as possible) to run it by the Alpha book. Thanks again to all for their commitment & advice to me & our guests, of course thank you Lord Jesus it’s for your glory & our salvation.

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