Home Groups

A number of small groups meet regularly in different parts of the area covered by our membership, and provide fellowship, mutual support and pastoral care, with time to study and pray together.

We are gradually establishing intermediate sized groups, or Pastorates, consisting of two or three small groups, together with others who may have recently completed the Alpha course, or joined the church. These Pastorates provide a good way of getting to know more people, growing in faith, and becoming involved in the life of the church.

Over the last few years our focus on prayer has increased, with weekly hour of prayer in church on Monday mornings at 9 am, and a two-hour session of early morning prayer on Tuesday mornings from 6 am to 8 am. Here folk can come and go as they please (and the kettle is put on for a cuppa at 7). A pre-service group also meets for prayer on Sunday mornings at 10 am in the upstairs room.Further, occasional evenings of prayer for the whole church, prayer groups for our mission links, and some prayer triplets as well as prayer together in home groups and church services.Other small groups are the music group (weekly), the See & Know group (every Tuesday morning for mothers and toddlers, with a creche provided) and dance and drama groups (from time to time).For young people there are Sunday morning teaching groups for different ages, and a crèche for the under three’s. On Sunday evenings at 7 pm, the WAG group for the 14+ age group meets in the church upper room for discussion, teaching, fun and fellowship, The group band (playing modern instruments) also frequently rehearses at the same time.

Working Party clearance
Other activities have included working parties to tidy up the church and grounds and a church fellowship weekend away