Important Events 23rd & 24th Feb.

Dear all
We have 2 important events on consecutive nights that just fell that way.  I do encourage you to do your best to attend both.

Safeguarding Monday 23rd February

Refreshments served from 7pm for a 7.15pm start, finishing at 9.30pm.
As per the separate post this meeting is for all, especially both PCC’s and all those involved with Creche, Children or Youth Work. Safeguarding is not only for the children/youth but also for those caring for them. Legislation and practice has changed over the years and it is important to be current.

PastorateTuesday 24th February

We begin by relaxing together at 7.30pm, (please bring some nibbles/fruit) starting at 8pm and finishing at 9.30pm. 

We will look at the dynamics, the conversations and roles between  apostles, elders and church, how the Spirit enabled decisions to be made and see what lessons there are for our two churches today.

The Pastorate Theme is: Acts 15 “Creating Cultures of Expectation, Evangelism, Fun & Welcome” or “Being Church together” and will be led by Kerry Dixon who was excellent when he came to preach last year and some of you asked me to invite him back. Kerry is ordained, a Church Army Captain & a personal friend who gently challenges cherished views, theologies and practice on Community, Church Life and how to do Overseas Missions.  

Acts 15 v 28  “It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us…..”

Every blessing