Jews for Jesus

A message from Jews for Jesus

Shalom Pastor Nick,  I’m so glad for your interest and enthusiasm for this Jerusalem project next year.

As the Captain of the SERVICE sector for our outreach next spring, I am delighted with your response. As the video shows, there are going to be a wide range of service projects in Jerusalem, and we are gathering data about many of them, even now, a full year ahead of time. What we are hoping for from you, and your church, is

  1. to keep up enthusiasm for the project there,
  2. to put plans into motion for your church to join us.

This can be done by getting a team from the church either on a missions trip with a bit of touring pre- or post, or a regular visit-Israel tour followed by a week of service added on to the end.

The travel agency we are commending is SarEl.  If you have one with whom you usually work, there will be no problem with us with whoever you use.

SAREL Tours & Conferences:   8 HaHoshen St. Mevaseret Zion,  90805, Israel

Richard van deer Beek     Tel: +972-2-533-8000

SarEl will be able to work with you on flights, housing, costs, food, add-on tourism features. They will organise whatever part of the trip you desire.

All we ask is that you organise your trip to allow a week with us serving the people of Jerusalem, beginning with orientation on a Sunday afternoon in May 2018, & finishing with a celebration/ debrief on Friday late afternoon.

Have you ever done a missions trip to Israel? If so, what might be the likely number of people who would come in 2018? We can’t really work with individuals at this point, as the co-ordination and vetting is massive. So it’s our hope that your congregation will come together & consider such a trip.

Let’s keep working on this. I believe that we are going to see God bless the people of Israel, and bring many to Himself.

Sincerely yours in Yeshua,

Bob Mendelsohn

Director, JFJ Australia, Captain, BYG Jerusalem, Service Sector