Email March 2017

We praise God for the ministry of Jigsaw as it shares Christ’s love with the neediest of children, young people and families in the Philippines.  We pray for each of the ministries of Jigsaw that they will be able to continue to respond to the individual needs of the children and families and build and improve lives. We pray that communities will grow where children can live safely and securely and grow in Faith, Hope and Love.

We Praise God for the office staff, the teachers, kids workers and all those who make up the Jigsaw family who work each day to respond to the needs. We pray for their protection and that God will continue to build them up as they work with children and families who have experienced trauma and difficulties. We also pray for the leadership team that God will continue to unite them and give them wisdom to lead and run Jigsaw.

We especially pray for the Children with Disabilities team as their ministry seeks to bring both therapy and love to the children alongside transforming the attitudes of their communities towards people with disabilities. We pray that more families will bring their children along to the centre to attend therapy groups and play sessions.  We pray that Jigsaw may be able to link with doctors and physiotherapists who will be willing to give free time to help these street and slum children with disabilities.

We especially pray for the following children and families:

  1. For Dina and Laura who are too scared to go home because of abuse and violence.
  2. For Nina who is very sick, for healing and growth in strength.
  3. For Rena who is recovering from TB.
  4. For Mary Rose who is homeless and Jigsaw is seeking to find a home for her.
  5. We pray too for all the sponsored school children who are coming up to their end of year exams that God may enable them to do their best, pass their exams and progress to the next school year.  We especially for those who face so many other life issues, that in this important school month there may be peace in their day to day lives so that they can focus fully on their schooling.

We thank God for all the churches and individuals in the UK who support and enable the ministry of Jigsaw through their prayers, sponsorship and lifesaving gifts.  We pray that God may enable Jigsaw to link to new churches and individuals so that it may be able to grow even more in its ministry.

Finally, we pray that God may protect and keep Jigsaw safe so that it may be able to continue its vital ministry of Sharing Gods love

Lots of love Kate, Tim and family.

Christmas Greetings 2016

Newsletter November 2016

Email From Kate & Tim Lees
June 2016 More ...

Dear Friends,
We were not sure if we should send this email out but we have decided to send it asking for your love, patience and prayers in these matters,
thank you
love Kate and Tim.

Thank you so much for being on this amazing, exciting journey with Jigsaw and us, it is an incredible journey which is confronting poverty and building individual children’s lives by love.

Tim and I have been faithfully supported by many churches and many of you to do the work of Jigsaw for the last 13 years and we praise God for you and for CMS who administrates this support and walks with us on this Journey.

Over the last few years the support for Jigsaw has remained very strong but the support to CMS to pay Tim to do the work of Jigsaw has gone down significantly. CMS can only pay Tim from the money that comes in for his support which means they are now only able to pay him 2 days a week to do the work of Jigsaw which is difficult for us as a family. Tim’s Jigsaw work, (both leading, nurturing and governing Jigsaw Philippines and the work for funding, resourcing and prayer support through Jigsaw UK) is a full time job plus evenings and weekends but the gifts to CMS for his pay only allows them to pay him two days a week. Tim does some supply teaching to help the income but his work for Jigsaw needs at the very least for him to work three days a week in the Jigsaw office. Our prayer and hope is that the funds going to CMS to support Tim can increase enough to pay Tim an extra day so he is paid three days a week which would really help our monthly finances.

CMS have told us that in order to pay Tim another day a week plus pension and NI the income to CMS (if gift aided) needs to increase by £650 per month. This email is going to all Jigsaw supporters which is 13 churches and 400 people so please don’t think this is a personal email to you or feel pressured by it as we know so many of you give to the work of Jigsaw and CMS already. We don’t want anyone to give anymore who is already giving to Jigsaw or to CMS unless feel lead to, but we would ask if you could help us by doing one or two of the following.

  1. Pray: Please pray that God will work to increase the money going to CMS so that Tim may be paid 3 to do the work of Jigsaw. Please pray that God may increase the numbers of Jigsaw supporters, bring in new churches or groups or in other ways make this possible to happen.
  1. Give: That people who are able and feel called to may give ten or twenty pounds a month or more to CMS towards this mission work appeal. There is a CMS link at the bottom of this page which will allow people who would like to give to this appeal and to be able to gift aid their gifts.
  1. Share: Share this need for prayer with friends, churches, groups, individuals and others.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding in this matter, we didn’t know whether to send a letter out or not but we really need friends of Jigsaw help in these matters through your prayers and actions to help the income to increase, we certainly won’t bother you again with this.

Thank you for your love, prayers and part in Jigsaws ministry.

Lots of love Kate, Tim and family.

December 2015 More ...

Can you become a Jigsaw Calendar Fund Raiser and help sell Jigsaw calendars to raise valuable funds to enable Jigsaw to bring care and development to children & families living in need, hardship and poverty?

Greetings from all at Jigsaw

The valuable work of Jigsaw continues to touch children’s lives in the Philippines. If you would like to help the work of Jigsaw by becoming a Calendar Fund Raiser we will be so grateful, all the funds raised will help us carry out the work of the ministry in the Philippines. If you would like to help please email us and we will send you as many calendars as you would like to sell in blocks of either 10, 20, 30, 40 or more. The calendars have cost Jigsaw £3.50 each and we are hoping to sell them for £7.50 or for a donation to Jigsaws work (over this amount.) Each Calendar will make £4.00 or more for the valuable work of Jigsaw and any calendars not sold can be returned to Jigsaw. The more people selling calendars will raise more funds for the vital work of Jigsaw’s ministry. If you would like to be part of this exciting new initiative please email us on the Jigsaw email below. Please join us in prayer that this new endeavor will be successful.

Thank you, from Tim and all at Jigsaw Kids Ministries.

Email: info@jigsawkidsministries.org

November 2015 More ...

Hi everyone

An update on Jenna’s situation in Manila:

We Praise God and thank you for all your powerful prayers which have miraculously brought the funds needed for Jenna to have the medical care and operations she needs. The response in prayer and giving has been incredible. Thank you again so much for your love in prayer and thank you to those who have given so amazingly Jenna is now able to go ahead with the operation and the medical care she requires.

The news from the Philippines is that she is stable but her injuries are very bad. She needs a number of minor procedures over the next few days to prepare her for a major operation which will be in a weeks time. Please continue your prayers for Jenna that all medical care will be successful and for her family that they will be comforted and peaceful even in these distressing times.

Thank you;
We will keep you updated,
Shalom – Tim and all in Jigsaw

A prayer update from Lendehl  (Jigsaw Director)
November 2015 More ...

Dear brothers and sisters

Thank you for your love, care and heart for the JIGSAW family and all in the Philippines and especially at this time as so many are suffering after typhoon Koppu.

The typhoon entered the Philippines 2 to 3 hours north of Manila moving slowly north west causing terror and devastation. Manila was spared the worst of it with heavy rain and we praise God all of JIGSAW communities were safe with medium damage to slum and squatter houses by flooding and winds.

But the story for our brothers and sisters north of us which includes mine and two other JIGSAW staff families in the mountain province is very different. I have been able to contact my family intermittently by phone but they are cut off from towns and cities by huge flooding and wind damage. Over 100,000 people are said to be in evacuation centres or displaced having lost their homes. Families talk of climbing trees and staying on roofs terrified praying for hours to be saved from the flooding and the death toll is rising. People are traumatised from the previous days and many are still terrified of mud slides and the disease and hunger ahead. All the region’s worst hit are very poor farmers and now all their crops are gone so what will they eat and how will they live and rebuild their lives is the big concern. All the areas under floodwater are very remote which makes getting aid and relief to them a major problem. JIGSAW is not directly involved yet but we are part of Viva network in the Philippines (of which I am part of the board) which is meeting this week to consider what we can do and how can help the relief response especially in terms of children.
We thank you for your prayers and we please ask if you could pray:- 

  • For the rain to stop, for mountain terrain to hold firm to prevent mud slides, for flooding to subside quickly
  • For comfort for those who are traumatised and mourn and  for accountability, wisdom and a swift national and international response to bring aid and relief to the people
  • We would also ask for your prayers for Viva network as we consider our action plan of partnership response and for Jigsaw’s part in it, especially for the children

Thank you so much for your love and care.

From Lendehl and all in JIGSAW

October 2015 More ...

Regarding the October news letter I am sorry this is delayed due to a mountain of urgent JIGSAW Philippines work and a down turn in my health with my breathing issues returning. I ask for your patience and understanding as we hope to complete the news letter as soon as possible.
Thank you,


The JIGSAW AGM will be held at 21, Tamar Close, St Ives on a Sunday 29th November between 2pm and 3.30pm. All are welcome. All traveling from outside the area are welcome to join us for lunch at 1pm. If you are planning to come please let us know by email so we can prepared for the right number of people.
Thank you,


Jenna a girl from our high school sponsorship has suffered a terrible accident. Jenalyn our social worker writes. ‘Jenna will undergo an operation in spinal chord today this November 16 if have funds or a way. She fell at the stairs in school and now they find out that the spinal chord is damaged and needs emergency operation. Her parents are slum family and need big amount for operation we request for continuous prayer for miracle of healing and for miracle to have a way to have funds for operation or a miracle allows for some hospital to do for reduced fees or free. We need prayers and miracle.’

Thank you everyone for your prayers for ‘Jenna.’ Please pray for God to make a way for the operation, we will keep you in touch with the situation.

With love from all at JIGSAW.

An update from Tim Lees
February 2015 More ...

Firstly sorry for the silence from my end I have been quite ill as this diabetes and other things are slowly being addressed.

Thank you once again for your wonderful and faithful commitment to God’s work through your fantastic gifts for our and Jigsaws work and the increase of £500 we praise God and send our huge thanks.

Regarding Church Skype which is an incredible innovation I have spoken to

Jigsaw who are keen to Skype with you all; however they have asked if the first time could be when I am there shortly after Easter. It is deeply cultural for a mutual person to introduce new people to one another and that is what they would like me to do. We could share a song maybe then I could introduce the different members of Jigsaw and chat a little.

In the mean time I will love to
Skype with you on Sunday 22nd March
when Jigsaw is to be prayed for. Sorry not tomorrow as still a little ill. We also look forward to visiting before summer.

Thank you once again for all your love.

Tim, Kate, the family and all at Jigsaw.

Dear Nick and all at Holy Trinity Matlock Bath
January 2015 More ...

We are so sorry for not replying to your email earlier. Unfortunately Tim has been quite ill and would appreciate your prayers. He has now been diagnosed as having diabetes which explains why he has been so tired and unwell for the past year. So hopefully now we know and can change his diet he will begin to feel better soon.
THANK you so much to everyone at Holy Trinity for the amazing gift to support the work of Jigsaw including the extra £500 this is fantastic and very encouraging to us. This will directly bring the good news of children to so many children in need in so many practical ways.

We too are excited at the news that you now have the facilities to Skype in church. You are certainly leading the way in your love and care for mission through technology. Tim will talk with Lendhl and Jolly in the Philippines this week and will get back to you about skyping.
We hope you are all well and look forward to visiting in the near future.

Lots of thanks and love,   Tim, Kate, Rebekah, James and Grace