Judy Crook’s November travels

Whilst teaching in the south of Ghana in the 1970s I made friends with several Wycliffe Bible Translators.  Judy and Philip Hewer began translating for the Kasena people of northern Ghana and the complete Kasem Bible is now printed.

There will be three dedication services / ceremonies to launch the new Bible starting on Sunday 8th November in Kumasi, on 13th in Chiana and on the 14th in Navrongo. The Hewers invited prayer partners to join them and so I shall be part of a small group at these events.

Ghana is a similar size to U.K. so imagine driving from the south coast to the north of Scotland but the roads aren’t quite the same! We shall have the use of a 6 seater vehicle with a driver.

I fly to Accra on Thursday 5th November and we go to Kumasi on the 7th (a 5 hour journey). After the event there we go to Tamale on the 9th (about 8 hours) and then its another 3 hours to Navrongo on the 11th.

Please pray for safe travels and that the Kasem Bible will be a blessing to the Kasena people.

I look forward to meeting the Ghanaians who have been translating the Old Testament for the last few years. It is 40 years since I visited the hot dry   sub-Saharan regions of northern Ghana – the Hewers were then living in Paga near the Burkino Faso border.

On 16/17th November I return to Accra where I’ll stay and relax with my Ghanaian friends in their suburban home (possibly a trip to the beach) until I return on Monday 30th November.