Jews for Jesus

A biography of Kata Tar from Jews for Jesus

Kata Tar was born in Hungary, Dunaújváros in the time of Communism. She is single, yet she has a big family with 3 brothers & a sister, 7 nephews & 5 nieces. Her mother is Jewish. Both she and her father are alive but do not know the Lord yet.


 Kata got saved in 1988 through the witness of her Gentile friends. She was baptized in a Protestant church & worshipped there for 8 years. Kata became a missionary with a Scottish mission (Messianic Servant Ministries), and took part in founding a new Messianic Jewish congregation in Budapest called Menora. She served as an elder there for 7 years. (1996-2003) Her current church in Hungary is a charismatic house church in Budapest and St Barnabas Church in London. She helped starting a new branch of the Holland based Christians for Israel in Hungary and served with them for 2 years (2008-2010)

Kata has 17 years of teaching experience in schools, has taught English, Hungarian & Russian. Before joining Jews for Jesus she taught English at the school of the Jewish community in Budapest. While in Budapest she played the guitar in a Klezmer band called Klezmeresz. She plays & playing in the Klezmer band she developed many friendships with Jewish people & shared the Gospel with a few of them. Now that she is serving with Jews for Jesus a much wider door of opportunity has been opened for her to reach fellow Hungarian Jews for Jesus. In the Budapest campaign of 2012 more than 150 Jewish people gave contact information, and since she started serving in Budapest, more than 10 Jewish people prayed to receive Jesus as their Messiah and Saviour.