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 Dear Colleague,

 When the decision was taken reluctantly to close our Diocesan retreat house I was determined that money raised from its sale should provide an endowment to continue the work of the centre through other means. One of the fruits of that work is the Morley Day lecture. I invite you and interested members of your congregation to join us for this year’s presentation.

 Over the last 10 years, mindfulness has become the watchword in education and health. It draws on strong religious roots but does not always credit them.  Laurence Freeman, a Benedictine, drawing on the earlier work of John Main, has done much to re-establish the ancient tradition of the Desert Fathers and Mothers in Christian meditation. The World Centre for Christian Meditation that Laurence founded has done much to provide both teaching and essential support tools to help a whole new generation discover the benefits of contemplative prayer. 

 I have invited a team of people from the Centre to join us in Ashbourne, to teach personal meditation techniques, to discuss leading others in meditation and also to explore the important topic of meditation with young people, not least in schools.  Some 35,000 young people in schools are meditating regularly using the WCCM approach. I invite you to join us and hopefully to bring a group from your parish to experience the day, or evening, and to consider whether this approach might offer something for your parishes prayer and spiritual life. 

 You can book your group’s attendance through Eventbrite; the contact links can be found through Paws for Thought .

If you are attending the day session please bring a packed lunch but tea and coffee will be provided. There will be a bookstall with resource materials exclusive to WCCM.   

 I will be introducing the day and I hope you can join me.

 Yours ever, 

+Alastair       The Bishop of Derby’s Office 6 King Street Duffield   Tel: 01332 840132

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