Mothering Sunday

Lind’s Preach 2015


I Believe that God’s call on Holy Trinity for now coming into this spring is to look at our attitudes and interventions – to have a purpose – to deepen our relationships with God and each other. To practise grace in our daily dealings – growing in spirituality and faithfulness without condemnation for the times we fail.

Gently changing as the Lord winds His amazing presence around us, being holy and righteous without effort because of His grace and Jesus.

When we live in the intention of doing the right thing
When we live knowing God is with us on our journey with good hearts, that is all the Lord asks of us….

If we don’t step out, or take this chance to listen to His voice, and be prepared for what He calls us for that’s OK.     He loves us and cares for us and takes us just as we are.

But do we want to miss the adventure – we say nothing ventured, nothing gained with God we can also add the line:

Nothing lost and all is won