This diagram on the front cover of the August Notices is from Steve Addison’s book “What Jesus Started – joining the movement that changed the world” and is   explained as follows:


Jesus came to seek and save what was lost. His mission focussed on the people of Israel, chosen by God to be witnesses to the world.

  1. 1. Jesus saw the end. He was moved with compassion. He looked out over Israel and saw sheep, lost without a shepherd. He wept over Jerusalem’s rejection of God’s messengers. He prepared his disciples to take the gospel to the whole world.
  1. Jesus connected with people. Jesus crossed whatever boundaries stood in   the way and connected with people. No group was beyond his care. Jesus spent a lot of his time ministering to people, looking for the “sick” not the “healthy”, “sinners” not the “righteous.” He sought out people who knew they needed God’s mercy.
  1. Jesus shared the gospel. Jesus proclaimed the good news of salvation in words and deeds. In him, God’s rule had become a present reality. He preached, he taught, he rebuked, and he invited everyone he met to repent and believe. He gave his life as a ransom for many.
  1. Jesus trained disciples. Jesus led people to put their trust in him and to learn to obey his commands. He modelled and taught them a new way of life.
  1. 5. Jesus gathered communities. Jesus formed his disciples into communities characterised by faith in him, love for one another, and witness in word and deed.
  1. Jesus multiplied workers. Jesus equipped his followers to make disciples of all nations. He sent the Holy Spirit upon them so that they would continue his ministry in his power.

Jesus fulfilled God’s promises to Israel. Wanting to reach as many people as   possible from every level of society, in every town and village, he focused on Israel, God’s chosen witness to the world. He chose and trained the Twelve who represented a restored Israel and became the nucleus of the restored people of God who would take the good news of salvation to the ends of the earth. Jesus prepared his disciples for a world wide mission following his death and resurrection, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. He began to build his church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.