Nicks 65th

Val and Nick

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 Request the pleasure of
your company
to celebrate Nick’s 65th
at 7.30pm on Saturday 14th November

at the Fishpond, Matlock Bath


Nick’s 21st birthday

To include a disco (with music that won’t drown out conversation)
and a hog roast with a vegetarian option
(please let us know if you prefer the vegetarian option)

RSVP by 31st October please to:

Instead of gifts please consider donating to Signpost International click on ‘donate now’ saying ‘Grayshon 65th

Signpost was founded by Kerry Dixon who has been here to preach.
Two of our children, Caroline and James, had all or part of their gap with Signpost
and Nick is a Trustee.
Signpost are based in Dundee and work in the Philippines, India and Uganda.