Nick’s Notes April 2016

Maundy Thursday evening agape: so far only a few have signed up for this event. We’ll go ahead this year but need to review it for next. It’s fine to come if you haven’t signed up.

Good Friday: Thanks to all of you who have spoken to me about Holy Trinity’s Good Friday Walk of Witness. As a result at the recent PCC we agreed to have the Good Friday Service at 11.00am for about forty minutes then process with the cross stopping twice on the way to Jubilee Gardens for a short open air  witness. Palm crosses will be given out at the service to hold on the way and give out on the way back. At the Gardens we’ll have a final open air witness then walk back in twos or threes giving out tracts and mini eggs and seeking to start up conversations with people. The first stop will be on the open space to the north of the Riverside Fishbar, the second on the other side of the A6 after the amusement arcade and aquarium. Hopefully we’ll be able to have Gospel conversations should people be attracted.

St. Mary’s are meeting at 1pm for soup & a roll at Cromford Methodist Church, with a 2pm service followed by a walk to the Memorial Gardens for a short open air witness. 

Easter Sunday: For the brave (or committed 🙂 ) there’s an early morning 7am service at Willersley Castle.

Alleluia He is Risen! is answered by Alleluia He is Risen indeed! in our Easter Liturgy. 

A very different response to the first people to meet the risen Lord. They were shocked or disbelieving or didn’t recognise Him. Following on from our recent Sunday and Easter theme of St. Peter’s words “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life? We believe and know that you are the Holy One of God,” Peter’s words from later in John’s Gospel ring out. Chapter 21 verse 17, “Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you.” Doesn’t this echo in our hearts too? At times despite our sin or wandering away from Him, we still love Him. And long to love him more. May our love be proved as we respond to John 15 v 15, “If you love me you will obey what I command.”

In the clear and urgent context of one of a few things the Spirit is saying to us may we obey His “will and testament” to “Go and make disciples..”

Alpha begins again at Milena and Keven’s home on Tuesday 5th April. Keven and Milena have knocked on some doors in their local estate to invite people to Alpha. Some people were polite and happy to talk with them and said they would think about it. What a great example to us. Yes, they are nervous but bold! There are some printed invitations are at the back of church for you to take home with you too.

Lent Group: this lasted four weeks and was based on the Following and Fishing material as advertised in previous Notices. The first two weeks had nearly   thirty attending which dropped off for the last two weeks to thirteen or so.  Interesting!  I thought that they went very well stimulating us to think of who and how to share the good news of Jesus. The hardest thing is to put it into practice with fear and busyness being the two major stumbling blocks. We wondered how to follow this up and didn’t reach a conclusion.

Holy Trinity APCM: this is on Sunday 17th April after the morning service in the main body of the church rather than Trinity Hall so we can make use of the  microphones for the hard of hearing. Our thanks to Sheila for compiling the booklets which are at the back of Church. (and published on this website)

St. Mary’s APCM: this will now be on Tuesday 19th April in church at 2.00pm, our thanks to Gill and Tom for their work in preparation for this.

I don’t think I need to reiterate the importance of this meeting as we hear and reflect on 2015, appoint sidespeople and elect Wardens and PCC members.

Rotas: your prayers please as the May / June Sunday rotas are due to be done soon. Suggestions for preaching themes or Bible books / passages are very welcome.

Healing Rooms Sheffield: St. Mary’s PCC have decided to go to Sheffield in April in order to see and hear what the Lord is doing though the Healing Rooms movement. The PCC are inviting the congregation too. Please pray as we seek to go forward with this gospel imperative. We have been provoked by the hiring of Cromford Institute by a clairvoyant who charges £15 for the evening and wish to respond by offering healing in Jesus Name.

Enjoy your Easter wherever you are, whether stating at home or going away. (See 2 Corinthians 5  v 9, Revised Standard Version!)  Val and I will be going to Bristol sometime soon to see our son James , his wife Sarah, daughter Evie and newborn son Benjamin who was born on 22nd March.

May God continue to pour His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit whom He has given us. Taken from Romans 5 v 5.

Every blessing,  Nick