Nick’s Notes August 2015

SSA aka Soul Survivor A at the Staffordshire Show Ground last weekend was very good if wet. Val and I have been going to Soul Survivor since it began in Somerset in 1993 and were glad that it grew to include a venue closer to home. Jon (Cooper) took Sam (Hollands), Sophie (Hutson) and Charlotte (Haworth) from our youth group and Birgit brought Merrick, Bryony and Lily for the Monday – hopefully they’ve had time to do an article for this News Letter otherwise it will be in September’s.

There’s something really special about several thousand teenagers worshipping God in (loud) rock type songs, being taught from the Bible with the emphasis on obedience and generally having fun. The foam   party would have been better without the rain and the bonfire would have lasted longer!

Over three hundred responded and made a public response by getting up and going forward to be followers of Jesus. It’s a holy moment to me when Mike (Pilavachi) Soul Survivor’s leader asks people to get up and   go forward. What a Saviour!

Dancing in church! What fun it was and how very hard Richard Croft worked putting on a LIAT (Life in Abundance Trust) road show at HT on Sunday 19th July. Amongst all the colour and music Jill told us about the love of God demonstrated through His LIAT people in Ecuador.

Our Luke Street series seems to be going well. The front page of this News Letter has a diagram from Steve Addison’s book “What Jesus Started – joining the movement that changed the world” from which we’re taking material for the August sermons.   If you’d like a copy please order through Cornerstone bookshop, on 01629 584296, it really is a very good book.

Thanks to all who have already given towards Holy Trinity’s Gift Day for the Quinquennial repairs, the amount so far is £13,200.

Both Leaver’s Services went very well, our thanks to those that helped.

The New Wine magazine is available for you to take, yet again there are some very good articles.

Enjoy summer,

Every blessing