Nick’s Notes August 2016

Jigsaw: Philippines: thank you so much for the £700 gifts so far. Please do continue to pray for them especially for safety on their current trip and the money to pay Tim over the next few years. The PCC ask that we continue to give personally either in a one off or a monthly amount. The PCC will then consider what to make it up to. Here’s the Lees latest email:

“Dear Nick and Paul

Sorry for the delay in replying. We have been in the rainforest with no internet connection, before flying to the Philippines God has blessed us allowing us to meet up with Tim’s 2 sisters who live in Malaysia, so we don’t arrive in the Philippines till Friday 29th July. I will get Tim to email about a test Skype link, he would like to do the live Sunday link on      Sunday August 7th if possible and test link on Sunday July 31st. Please pass on our heartfelt thanks to whoever gave £500 for our support and please also pass on our greetings to everyone at Matlock Bath.

Love Tim, Kate, James, Rebekah and Grace.”

Church Meeting: this went very well indeed I thought, with nearly a third of our congregation there. We began by looking again at Acts 15 and how the church, elders, apostles and the leader James under the constant guidance of the Holy Spirit came to one mind, verse 28 “ it seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us.” We talked about how the four Cultures of Welcome, Fun, Expectation & Evangelism we’ve been praying and working on for a few years are going. We revisited the “bridge we are building whilst walking on it” and the importance of who we become in the process.

There was a marvellous enthusiasm to go forward both with the Good News and the re-ordering of the church-removing the pews, being   adventurous with a café style church occasionally etc.

We were reminded that we live in an internet and social media age as we talked about Guardians of Ancora that we are using in Sunday Services. This in turn caused us to think of how we use the side of HT church for activities, and the question of having a permanent creative area for all ages.

Over the summer at Holy Trinity we may have some café style Sunday mornings, and perhaps administer communion in a semi-circle and/or to each other. Hopefully those at the Church Meeting will have written articles that are in these Notices.

Church Prayer Meeting: the next one is on Wednesday 17th August from 8.00pm at St. Mary’s instead of HT. Please make a note of the change of  venue next month.

Children and Youth Churches: these both require our constant prayer, and the leaders and helpers lots of encouragement and support.

Readers:  Both PCC’s unanimously put Richard and Mike forward to be Readers and, surprisingly they have both been accepted to start the training course in September. They have written about their Reader experience so far in these Notices.

Soul Survivor A: this year only Sophie is going to SSA at Stafford Show ground with us. Sophie is on the children’s Team and we are, as usual, Village Hosts.

School Leavers Services: The parents at both schools were very pleased with the Leavers Services. Its good that both schools have high numbers of  starters joining their Reception classes in September. We wish all the Leavers well as they move to the next level in their education.

Kevin Peach: it is with sadness that I learnt of the death of Kevin Peach the owner of the bike supplies shop in Matlock Bath. His parents opened it after WW2. Kevin had become a friend as a result of my    regular visiting in the village. Sadly he died of leukaemia at only 66. His brother Rod owns Derwent Landscapes.

Enjoy the summer,
Every blessing