Nicks Notes July 2017

Many thanks to all who have expressed their love for me whilst I’ve been poorly in prayer and cards, which has been much appreciated and most  encouraging.

On Tuesday 23rd May my GP sent me up to Sheffield to the Northern General Hospital by ambulance with chest pains. On arrival I had  a stent put in my heart and was kept in until the Friday. Some chest pains continued so my GP sent me back by ambulance on Tuesday 30th May! After eight hours in A&E it was decided that the chest pains were very probably not my heart but something else. I now have appointments with the consultant and physio in July. I’ve done very little work and am very grateful to all who have filled in for me and continued to serve the Lord and His Church.

In July we are continuing with the “Thy Kingdom Come” theme on Sundays. David Harper, who used to lead Church in the Peak, is coming to HT on Sunday 9th July to tell us about his work with the mixed churches in Turkey and the Middle East.

Please pray for “How to Keep Your Children Safe online” seminar which is being held at the Temple Hotel on Saturday 1st July, as the bookings are low. No one has booked from Cromford School and a few only from HT at this stage.

Please pray for the ordinations next weekend, both services are in Derby Cathedral, the Priests on Saturday 1st July by Bishop Alastair which will include Lindsay (Pearson) from Wirksworth Team Ministry who is preaching at both of our churches on Sunday 25th June as well as Lind Webb who had a placement here in the Benefice a couple of years ago.

Also please pray for the Deacons at their service on Sunday 2nd July, which is to be presided over by Bishop Jan.

Every blessing