Nick’s Notes May 2015

MAPs (Mission Action Plans – Healthy Church Check)

Thank you to all who completed the Healthy Church Check forms and the 30   or so who were able to come to St. Mary’s on 16th April to consider the results and continue to go forward together. Lee (Townend, Church Growth Officer) and Christine (Wilson, Archdeacon) were very helpful and those present     contributed wisely and thoughtfully. Lee is giving some time to work on what we said and discussed before getting back to us. What heartened me the most is that we are certainly on the right track, guided by the Holy Spirit through prayer, teaching and discussion. Acts chapter 15 in practice!

Sermon Themes for May / June 2015

We are having a series of three sermons on ‘Words and Works’ on April 26th, May 17th and May 24th. The reason is to help us go forward in our witnessing with healing. Some time ago at Holy Trinity we received some revelation from the Lord to ‘ask Him to heal.’ We’ve touched on healing especially with       encouragement to pray for each other after Sunday Services, and it seems time now to go forward together. Healing is a sign of the Kingdom, Acts says ‘the Lord confirmed the word with signs and wonders’ reflecting the ministry of Jesus whose ministry is described as having ‘Words and Works’ hence the title of our short sermon series. Though this series will have some teaching there’ll be opportunity for discussion, questions and praying for one another. Let’s pray that we’ll see God’s power both in the church and outside the church.

Do you remember two of Kerry Dixon’s power point presentation of building the bridge as we walk on it and the one on process? They are very pertinent to where we are as churches, as we’ll encounter in this sermon series and for Children’s Church. The two pictures are reproduced in my Notes.

Children’s Church

At both churches on Sunday 3rd May we’ll be focusing on Children’s Church, Jon (Cooper) at Holy Trinity and myself at St. Mary’s, using some invitations and posters from CPO (Christian Publicity Organisation) who we’ve used quite often. We are using the ‘Trees’ logo on the front of these Notices.

There’ll be banners outside both schools and HT Church with a Notice in St. Mary’s notice board. Invitations will be given out through both church schools. There’ll also be invitations for us to give out personally too.

APCMs – Annual Parochial Church Meetings

Both APCMs went well.

At St. Mary’s we had a 90% increase in attendance – to eleven! – and have two new PCC members in Raymond Filsell and Barrie Key.

The full PCC at St. Mary’s is: Tom Bradley, Gill Housley, Richard Ash, Michael Wilderspin, Sylvia Bunting, David Green, Raymond Filsell and Barrie Key.

There was a little tension at Holy Trinity’s partly due to the frustration of not being able to hear well. The absence of disagreement or confrontation in a church is a denial, it’s how we handle it that counts. Jesus said “Love one   another”. At Holy Trinity David Green, Peter Shaw and Marie Austin were elected as new members. We’re going to miss both Milena and Sue (Crabb) on HT’s PCC.

The full PCC at Holy Trinity is: Mike Pilling, Sheila Laming,  John Ramage, Judy Crook, Michael Wilderspin, Val Grayshon, Alison Pilling, Paul Hunter, David Green, Peter Shaw and Marie Austin.

PCCs Half Day

Saturday 9th May has been set aside for both PCCs to spend half a day together from 8.30am – 12.30pm at Holy Trinity. The theme will very probably be       discipleship based on Paula Gooder‘s excellent material. Paula is Theologian in Residence at the Bible Society as well as being a freelance writer and lecturer in Biblical Studies.

 Who we become in the process is as important

as the achievements on the ground.

Christian Aid

Sunday 10th May is the beginning of Christian Aid Week so this will be the   focus of both Sunday morning Services. The Archbishop of Canterbury has written to all his clergy to emphasise the importance of this work. We       already have the posters, service & sermon materials as well as some DVDs from Christian Aid. Would Home Groups please have Christian Aid as their theme w/c 3rd May and use the DVDs and other materials as they see fit.

 Craft Day

The Craft Day on Saturday 16th May is a marvellous opportunity for folk to come to Holy Trinity Church for a relaxing and non-threatening event. We re-ordered the church for such an occasion so please invite and draw in members of the communities you are part of.

Joint Service

On Trinity Sunday, 31st May, we’ll be having a St Mary’s & Holy Trinity joint All Age Worship at St Mary’s at 10.30am. There’ll be NO service at Holy Trinity, and our guest service leader will be Graham Archer from the Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS). This repeat of September’s successful joint   service is rather overdue. It’ll be followed by a Bring and Share with games /entertainment, weather permitting outside. Be encouraged.

Following and Fishing

Church in the Peak and Buxton Community Church have organised a training event which is ‘training to give people just enough to get them started. To help and equip them to share their faith and take the first steps in helping others discover who Jesus is.’ See separate advertisement in this News Letter. It runs on Friday 29th & Saturday 30th May. Please book direct and let Caroline (in the Office) know if you are going so we can co-ordinate lifts.

Church Prayer Meeting

Following on from discussions at both churches, at Sunday services, Annual Meetings and PCCs, we have agreed to have a monthly Church Prayer Meeting which will be on the following dates:

Tuesday 19th May, Wednesday 17th June and Tuesday 14th July.

Please note there will be no evening Home Groups in these particular weeks

Acts 15 verse 28, ‘It seems good and the Holy Spirit and to us.’

As suggested at Holy Trinity’s Annual Meeting we’ll have these monthly alternating Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

To quote from my Vicar’s Report to Holy Trinity Annual Meeting the aim is to: “Simply to seek God, sing, rejoice, cry, pray, be still and silent, call out, teach one another, whatever. I’d say to the Home Groups’ this is what’s happening, I strongly encourage you to come but it’s up to you.’ I’d say the same to those not in a Home Group or who go to one elsewhere, come to this.”

A helpful verse is Colossians 3 verse 16:And be thankful. Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts”.

The Monday and Wednesday morning Open Church prayer will continue as much as possible, see the Monthly News Letter calendar.

Every blessing