Nick’s Notes May 2017

GiG: Giving in Grace is an incredible resource pioneered by Liverpool    Diocese some years ago. It’s a comprehensive look at Stewardship with     a deal about giving. Holy Trinity PCC have asked for some teaching on  Giving and St. Mary’s PCC are in agreement. David (Green) our excellent Treasurer for both churches, has been on a Diocesan seminar based on Giving in Grace. David and I have met and chosen some material from which we believe will be relevant to us. It’ll work in this way. On Sundays 7th May, 11th June and 16th July the theme will be Giving in Grace and the Home Groups are being asked to compliment this one week in each month. So week commencing 7th May, 4th June and 9th July material will be provided for them. May’s Home Group material will be “The example of grace – The generosity of Jesus and the church in Macedonia.”

TKC: Thy Kingdom Come is a global wave of prayer initiated by the Archbishops of Canterbury & York with other denominational church  leaders. It’s to take place from Ascension Day on Thursday 25th May to Pentecost on Sunday 4th June. “I cannot remember in my life anything that I’ve been involved in where I have sensed so clearly the work of the Spirit” writes Archbishop Justin Welby.  I’ve endeavoured, on behalf of Churches Together in Matlock, to  encourage the local churches to join in. From Sunday 21st May we’ll be having three consecutive Sundays with this theme. The website is very good ( ) and we’ll be using some of the  material for Ascension to Pentecost with extra opportunities to pray individually, as families and as churches.

In Acts chapter 1 verse 3, the risen Jesus spent 40 days with His disciples and the main topic was the Kingdom of God. Jesus’ public ministry in Mark 1 verse 15 began with Him saying “The time has come. The Kingdom of God is near.” The last verse of Acts has the same theme, “Boldly and   without hindrance Paul preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus.” God wants His Kingdom to grow, our part is to be filled with the power of the Spirit and to pray. Lord have mercy.

PCCs: Both Churches AGM’s new members were elected to the PCCs, Holy Trinity have a new Warden in John Entwistle and Val joins Deanery Synod.  Congratulations to John, Val and the new members.

Alongside Nick Grayshon, David Green and Michael Wilderspin who sit on both PCC’s, the members are,  :

St. Mary’s:  Richard Ash, Tom Bradley, Sylvia Bunting, Daryl Doxford, John Farmery, Eric Fern, Ray Filsell, Gill Housley, Barrie Key and Philip Tew.

Holy Trinity: Mike Pilling, John Entwistle, John Ramage, Maria Austin, Sue Crabb, Sheila Laming, Hilary Phillips, Peter Shaw and Allen Smith. Judy Crook will be co-opted at the first PCC meeting in May.

On Saturday 20th May both PCCs are invited to a PCC half day to be held from 8am to noon in Holy Trinity church. More details to follow.

Experience Easter:  This went very well for both schools, lots of seeds were planted and we thank everyone who helped out in any way.

CAG: The Community Action Group continues to work hard, there is an update from John in these Notices. The next event is the Matlock Bath Lunch Club on Thursday 4th May in Trinity Hall.

FiS: this stands for Faith in Science, not that you would have known! This is a series of 4 public lectures called “From Enlightenment to Entanglement – Exploring Faith in Science.” They are on May 2nd, 10th, 23rd and 30th. See the calendar for more details of times and locations. The themes seem very good – “God and the Big Bang”, “Science, Faith and post-truth”, “Is there more to life than genes?” and “Hasn’t Science disproved God?”

Jigsaw: Kate &Tim Lees will be with us at Holy Trinity on Sunday 28th May.

Robert Quarton: is kindly leading and celebrating here at Holy Trinity on Sunday 14th May when both Pauline and I are away. We’re having a week off from Wednesday 11th May.

I hope you are familiar by now with Archbishop of Canterbury’s previous Lambeth lecture, to quote again ‘Worship and make disciples of Jesus Christ’ and ‘important decoration’. We need to remember that all the above is to do with Jesus and his church.

Every blessing