Nick’s Notes November 2015

Harvest was a rather busy time this year with the excellent decorating of HT Church, two school services, a service at the Masson Residential Home, Saturday morning prayer and afternoon witness, Sunday morning service followed by lunch and the afternoon event at the Temple. A big thank you to all involved. We had good feedback from all the events. If you haven’t yet donated to Kata and Jews for Jesus and would like to, then please put a gift in the collection clearly marked for them. Those giving fruit and bread away with leaflets on the Saturday afternoon had some good conversations with the passers-by. It was fascinating to see who didn’t come to the Temple on the Sunday afternoon we think because it seemed a bit too religious!

Invitation: As on a previous email you are invited to my 65th birthday party at the Fishpond on Saturday 14 November, from 7.30pm. Please RSVP to us at by Saturday 31st October latest.

It’s very good news that Philip (Sunderland) Holy Trinity’s previous Treasurer has been given the all clear for prostate cancer after his chemotherapy and doesn’t return to hospital for twelve months for a check-up.