Nick’s Notes September 2016

Guardians of Ancora:  Thank you to all who have helped with the technology for this at both churches. It’s given us a good idea of what’s going on digitally.  Scripture Union who produced this app says:   

“Our vision is that, by 2020, 20 million children worldwide will have daily    opportunities to discover Jesus and engage with the Bible through Guardians of Ancora. Bring the light back to the city!  Each day, the Guardians recover    a lost story-treasure, representing a Bible story.” 

 I hope it’s been informative and fun, and a little bit of a challenge in the way we do church.  What we know and love is strange and outside many people’s experience.  May we have grace to grow and change.

Preaching Themes: The September and October Rotas will be out soon, thank you Lindsay. We’ll be completing the series on Guardians of Ancora, having a sermon on Giving inspired by our esteemed Treasurer David who has done an article in these Notices. Then follows a series on the Gifts of the Spirit which will also be practical. I hope that during the services we’ll give the Spirit time to move and to speak, and that we’ll not only be taught but built up as we use the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Esther Elliott, the Diocesan Lay Development Officer and Warden of Readers, is preaching at Holy Trinity on Sunday 11th September. As well as preaching Esther will say something about her roles which I hope will encourage our  personal development in different ways.

Alpha: our thanks to Milena and Keven for their work leading the Alpha course. There are business card size invitations and, hopefully  soon, some larger invitations. Please take posters from the back of church for display.  Prayers of course too.

Schools:  Both Cromford and Holy Trinity schools start back on Tuesday 6th September, the really good news being the high numbers starting mostly in reception but also in other years.  A rising roll is a compliment to the Heads and the Staff.

Deanery Synod:  The first meeting of what will be Carsington Deanery Synod, made up of Ashbourne and Wirksworth Deaneries is being held on Tuesday 6th September. This new Deanery is a result of the need to restructure the way the Diocese is organised and administered. The previous Deaneries were perceived as too numerically small even though some of the areas covered   are much more. The new Carsington Deanery will cover a wider area, will have about double the number of clergy which is still only a dozen or so, and initially have many more lay representatives. Holy Trinity lay Deanery synod representatives are John (Ramage) Sheila and Michael, Tom is from St. Mary’s.

Common Fund: Derby Diocese, as with all Dioceses, struggle to have a fair  Parrish Share system. The Parish Share, now called Common Fund, is the  amount given by the churches towards the Diocesan Budget for meeting all the bills including the clergy stipends, and for investing in the future. There is a Common Fund meeting on Tuesday 13th September at All Saints Matlock that is open to all, especially PCC members. There’s an article elsewhere in these Notices that has more information on the Common Fund.

Val and I are having some annual leave from 7th – 22nd September.

Every blessing