“Pushing Jelly up a Mountain!”

Can a Jewellery project help to transform Life for the poor in Peru?
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achkiy-logo Julia’s jewellery story with Julia Crellin & her mum Fiona Castle 
at the Temple Hotel, Matlock Bath on Saturday 21st March
With a late breakfast of Bacon Cobs, coffee & cakes

The talk centered on how impressed Fiona & Julia were by the friendliness and casual lifestyle of the natives of Peru. Their basic lifestyle gave them all they wanted and the jewellery was manufactured from basic materials found locally. One impressive piece of jewelry was a bracelet made out of recycled plastic bags. There was a small display  of the goods available all of which could be purchased on the day, further information and a full selection can be found on their website shop at www.achkiy.com

Thank you so much for your warm welcome today and your help with carrying the box up and down the stairs – it was very much appreciated. Thank you, also, for the extremely generous donation to Achkiy – what a blessing.
We got home in very good time and the house is empty, so I might even get a bit of packing done 🙂
I hope and pray that there will be lasting fruit from this morning. You put so much work in behind the scenes. It is lovely when churches come together. We really enjoyed meeting everyone.
So, thank you again. I hope you are having a restful afternoon.

The Jewellery can be purchased on line from the Achkiy website I have added the 20% discount code.
It is
MATLOCK20 It just needs to be entered in the discount code box at checkout and should automatically give a 20% discount to Matlock Bath customers!

God Bless, Thanks,

The slideshow illustrates the living and working conditions as well as the jewellery and goods that were available to purchase