Quinquennial Repairs


Faculty application for Holy Trinity Church

The update is that we have received the Faculty and have applied for the grant in support of the shortfall in our finances.        



Firstly, I have to say on behalf of all at Holy Trinity, a big thank you for all those who responded to the call for monetary gifts towards the work required to fulfill the latest architect’s report for maintenance work in the church.

The current situation is that £13,620 has been given with another £1,500 promised in the next few months. You may recall that the total bill is expected to be £33,750 to include the work itself, architect’s fees and VAT. Therefore, as things stand, we are short of £19,530. The PCC feels that another £7,000 from it’s general funds can be contributed and that grants from the Listed Places of Worship scheme (in lieu of VAT) and a Gift Aid reclaim could be realised. The grant and Gift Aid reclaim could amount to £8,000 but is not guaranteed and in any case, could only be claimed AFTER the work has been done and paid for.

To summarise:-

¨ Assuming all the above happens, we need further gifts of at least £4,530 (33,750 -13,220 – 1,000 -7,000 – 8,000) to hit the target.

¨ We require another £8,000 before the work starts to pay for the potential VAT and Gift Aid reclaim. This could be funded by further gifts or loans which could be paid back afterwards. There has already been an offer of a £2,000 loan to be paid back within 2 years.

We have to be grateful not only for the gifts that have already been given but also for the hard work that a number of people have put in, in getting the proposal to where it is now.

Maybe YOU will be part of this latest push to finalise the financial arrangements that will allow a faculty to be applied for and work to start?

You can pledge a gift (or a loan) by cash, cheque (Matlock Bath PCC) or by BACS (sort code 60-14-15, account 80567657) and, provided you pay Income Tax, can complete a Gift Aid form which helps the church reclaim 20% of your gift without any additional cost to yourself.

God loves a cheerful giver and wants us to honour Him by being good stewards of all He gives us.
Please pray what your response to this appeal might be.

From Bob Crabb:

I did say, some time ago that I would keep the church fellowship up to date with what is happening on this issue. Some of you may have thought that this issue has ‘gone quiet’ for a while. Superficially, it may appear that way but it  hasn’t!  Work is going on behind the scenes!

Before we can ask the contractors to begin work it is necessary to obtain a  Faculty  from the Diocese thru’ the Diocesan Advisory Committee ( DAC). This is quite a formal and seemingly laborious process but is all very necessary in order to prevent poor things happening to listed buildings. The application has been considered by the DAC with very little comment and we are now in what might be regarded as ‘the middle bit ‘… the 28 day consultation period which ends on 13th November. Some of you may have noticed the drawing  and accompanying notice pinned up in the church porch.

Providing that this does not raise serious objections from those bodies that we have to consult with (including the public), this should allow the DAC to recommend to the Diocesan Registrar that he issue the Faculty. This is a further process and won’t happen ‘overnight’ but I am hopeful that we will receive the final documentation over the Christmas / New Year period.