Review of The Daniel Prayer

 by Anne Graham Lotz

For some time now I have been following Anne Graham Lotz by reading her publications, starting with Just give me Jesus. Her latest book The Daniel Prayer is about the power of prayer. In this book she puts forward the power of prayer and how we can renew, restore and revive our church lives,       community and personal lives by using the power of prayer and praying like Daniel. She states “You and I will never know how to pray in such a way that Heaven is moved and our nations changed until we start reading our Bibles.” With that she takes us into His Word and explains from Scripture the whole process of preparing for, pleading for and prevailing in prayer. She gives practical help and direction for praying The Daniel Prayer. In Daniel 9: v 23 God told Daniel he was “highly esteemed – precious”. Follow this book and you will learn so much more for the use of prayer in your daily life, and     become “highly esteemed – precious”.

Anne Graham Lotz states The Daniel Prayer helps her to “refocus on the   priority of centering down,” when she talks to God and by so doing that      enables her to have a centre point and life’s compass. By centering down this gives her the direction to follow and specifically in her prayer not to be vague, but to use specifics as in (example) praying for her neighbourhood, but instead praying for individual problems or people in the neighbourhood. Name people and their problems, do not be woolly or vague in your prayer. This is one small example I gained from the book The Daniel Prayer and I urge you to read this amazing book to go forward in your Christian life.

Gillian Housley PCC Secretary St Mary’s Church Cromford.