Soul Survivor A

Friday 24th to Wednesday 29th July

Sophie writes:

Yet again Soul Survivor was absolutely amazing! We got there on the first day and it was raining and so we ended up pitching our tents in the rain which was interesting. Out of our group of young people that went I was the only one who had been there previously and so it was great being able to see all of my friends from Bury Church* again, the food was also amazing and it was great to be able to have such fellowship. It was also fun when another group on our campsite it joined us at some of our meals as they kept having numerous disasters with their camping gear. I went to so many seminars it’s hard to remember them all but the most memorable one would be Mark Ritchie’s, called “its none of your business” which was about roping yourself with God and not letting negative thoughts take control. However the main reason it was so memorable was   because he started his talk by telling a story of a boy who was so angry at     another boy that he went and did a poo in his sleeping bag. Lastly but not least the main meetings were absolutely incredible, the worship was amazing and   so were the talks that were given. However what was absolutely breath-taking was that you could really feel God’s presence during prayer, which made everything that much more incredible. What I enjoyed most about Soul Survivor this year was being able to grow my faith, spend time with some fantastic people (Nick, Val, Charlotte, Sam and all of those from Radcliffe*) and being able to see everyone else also growing in their own faith.

     Lots of love from

               Sophie xxx

* Bury Church (of England High School) youth and leaders from Churches Together Radcliffe, Manchester where Nick was Vicar.

 Sam (Hollands) says:

“Soul Survivor was great, despite all the rain, with Mike and Andy both hilarious as ever, with amazing worship.”