St. Mary’s Prayer Day

Saturday 5th March

During the day you are welcome to come and go as you wish, there’ll be space for personal quiet and prayer, and opportunity to worship, discuss and pray together for Church and Parish needs. There’ll be Open Space to reflect, Prayer Helps such as art, cross, creativity, candles, music etc., a Prayer Board with sticky notes / pens, and prayer for Healing with Oils.


Feel free to make a brew etc. as you wish throughout the day.



10.00am – 12.30pm:    
Morning Celtic Prayer offering the day / morning to God


Thanks and prayer for Bountiful God’s provision as we come to lunch time. (BYOG + culpa soup & bread provided)


1.00pm – 3.30pm:
Midday Celtic Prayer offering the afternoon to God

Drawing the threads of the afternoon and day together