Youth Group

After several conversations over a longer period of time we have decided as a team and in consultation with our young people this week to alter our Friday night sessions. We are planning to have a trial period of 6 weeks, i.e. the next Derbyshire School Term (16 Feb to 27 March), during which time we will start our youth group sessions at church rather than at the sweet shop.

It will give us the opportunity to have a more casual, active start to our sessions as the young people will set up table tennis, pool table, board games and drawing materials to enjoy an interactive time together. We will consider what drinks/snacks to offer and will be able to vary these depending on seasons, requests, equipment,. As they grow older, there is an increasing need for informal times of chatting and conversations, both between the young people themselves and between them and the team. We are acutely aware that many of them carry troublesome burdens in their everyday lives which we feel need a space and a place to be included in our Friday evenings.

It will be sad to lose the link to the village and we are thankful to both Rachel, the previous owner & Sharon the current owner, for giving us such a lovely welcome. Please continue to keep the Youth & the Leaders in your prayers giving thanks to the Lord for all that has gone on so far.

Jon, Birgit, Sue & Milena